About Us

Although Neapolitan in spirit, Lucca Enoteca shares it’s name with the charming Tuscan commune in central Italy. A favourite holiday destination for owners Sherri Singleton and David McKay, Lucca was also the intended name of their first born, should it be a boy. However, blessed instead with a beautiful daughter, Lucca became the namesake of their third restaurant.

Lucca is on the site of the acclaimed Stour Bay Café that was originally launched by Sherri and David in 1989 and run until 1997. In the intervening years, they divided time between the UK and California, opened The Mistley Thorn Hotel and set up culinary workshops at The Mistley Kitchen. In 2007, after reacquiring the building, they decided to open a pizza restaurant based on memorable meals eaten in Southern Italy. Wanting to recreate an authentic wood-fire destination in the UK, Sherri then spent time in the kitchen with the ‘Maestro of Pizza’, Enzo Coccia at his famous La Notizia pizzeria in Naples. Often cited as serving the best pizza in Italy, Enzo passed on many tips and recipes that are used at Lucca today.